10th April 2018

Essay Questions

Describe at least one important character in the written text. Explain how this character is revealed to you throughout the text and/or how this character helps you understand an important theme/idea in the novel?

Ricky Baker is the main character that is being revealed at the start and is recognized as a fat maori that was in trouble with the law. Once he was revealed in the country he seemed to be more comfortable and content around aunt Bella and eventually Uncle Hec.Ricky starts off as a fat maori that is a slow learner and couldn’t play rugby so he was classed worthless to the schools. He was also being moved around houses as his step father would rather not have him around so the social welfare took him and kept moving him round different houses because he was in trouble with the law too much. He was caught riding a  ten speed bike that was stolen when he was picked up by the social welfare people. After awhile he ended up living at a burnt out bus with other kids living off whatever they could steal from houses , cars and shops but ended soon after they didnt want him around but they got busted in the middle of the night and ricky was put in jail for 4 days this giving the image of ricky being a criminal , unwanted and nowhere to go. His last chance was to go with his Aunt bella and Uncle Hec.

S= Ricky is being revealed at the start as a unwanted maori kid that was brought up on social welfare as he had done multiple crimes and was moving around houses, Barry Crump shows us this to be emotionally connected to ricky. Barry Crump used a first person point of view to show the reader that ricky was not comfortable with what he was doing but he didn’t have any other options until his Aunt Bella and Uncle Hec asked to have him on his last chance. They lived out in the bush so it was something ricky had never experienced. Barry Crump uses short sentences to show that Uncle Hec was described as an old grumpy man that didn’t want Ricky around and Aunt Bella as a joyful and happy person that did not want to lose his last chance.


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