28th May 2018

The Dark Horse

In the scene I have chosen where Mana has just had his birthday and has to have his hair shaved and face tattooed to then do a burglary on a house as part of initiation to a gang his father is in. In the scene there is various techniques used like dialogue , different camera shots, lighting, background music.

The dialogue used in this scene creates an effect that interacts with the viewers emotions , dialogue is an important aspect to the film it had a dramatic negative and sad impact on the tone of this film on how the character Mana was perceived to the audience. They also put in the speech that the chess club was reading to raise money as Genesis (main character) was thinking about Mana knowing that he was doing wrong and wanted him to have better. An example from the speech is “who lived up on a cliff.
“In the past, his village had gone to him for guidance.But now they just thought he was old and crazy.” This was representing and symbolising on how genesis was living which was where he was sleeping, on a memorial on a cliff as well as how he was old and crazy which was his mental illness he had since he was a kid. The background music in the scene as Mana was stealing jewelry and looked up to the mirror to see a young child In the corner of the room looking frightened and was weeping, the background music from there was like a tune from a baby’s lullaby that you can see hits Manas emotions as he stands there like a deer in headlights.

James Napier Robertson (the director of the film) used different camera shot techniques like a close up shot in the scene where Mana is getting his face tattooed for the initiation this is to express Mana’s emotions on the situation and to show that he was unhappy with what was happening and that he would prefer going with the chess club.
As well as differential focus which is blurring out the background to emphasize a character or object, this was used to highlight the character Mana as he was in shock after seeing the child in the back and was being dragged out the house by a gang member as the camera faded the blur to the next scene.

The lighting used by James Napier Robertson (the director of the film) in the scene he used back low key lighting as Mana has his face tattooed this was used to highlight Mana’s expressions and the tattoo artist movements and to make the background a dark and sad vibe to the scene as Mana wasn’t proud of what was being done to him. He also uses backlighting after the gang member drags Mana out of the child’s room this is to create a silhouette and darken the face and body as the gang member stomps on the guy at the door.

In conclusion James Napier Robertson uses various techniques to interact with the viewer and show manas emotions and that he was unhappy with how he was being treated in this scene.

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